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For sale is an exclusive single family home, in the region of Aldeia, Pernambuco, in a private and bucolic condominium.
The house has 395 m²s of built area, based on a project developed by the architect Maria do Loreto, with porcelain floor, hardwood doors and windows, on a landplot with 1800 m².
There are in total 4 bedrooms, being 2 suites and 1 master suite. All rooms have a small balcony in a shaded area, reserved from the movement of the house.
Furthermore there is a large living room with 3 environments, with double height and bay window as well as a balcony, which accompanies the front of the house. It is quite spacious and has capacity for another 3 environments, one of which is for dining and also has a toilet and bathroom.
The house is facing the garden, composed of lawn and a leisure area where the swimming pool and barbecue, sauna, living area and water fountain are located – in the shades provided by leafy mango trees and one avocado tree. The house also has lemon trees and a jabuticaba tree.
All water in the house, including the pool, is supplied by a deep well with excellent quality mineral water.
It is possible to install a solar power plant on the roof capable of generating more energy than the energy consumed by the house.
The region has high-speed internet. A 10-minute drive away, you can access the urban structure with supermarkets, shops and services.

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