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Switzerland, Friedrichshafnerstrasse 54, 8590 Romanshorn


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“*** Boardinghouse Romanshorn – several apartments for sale! ***”

Welcome to the Kornhaus Romanshorn!

The imposing and listed massive warehouse in the Romanshorn harbor basin, built in 1870/71, was renovated and converted to a high standard by December 2020 for CHF 45 million.

The boarding house Romanshorn on the 1st floor is now an accommodation facility with 38 fully furnished 1.5-2.5 room apartments. These were acquired by private owners as regular condominiums. From the Boardinghouse Romanshorn, the apartments are rented to long-term residents (usually 1, 3, 6 or 12 months) on behalf of the owners. The apartments may be used by the owners at any time for their own needs. They are not for rent at this time.

Newly on offer are apartments facing the harbor basin and facing the beautiful inner garden. The furnished apartments are at least 40 m2 in size and some have a 2-4 m2 outdoor loggia and are fully equipped with a kitchenette, TV/Internet, tasteful furniture and modern technology (comparable to a high-quality holiday apartment).

As the owner, you benefit from flexible use, rental income and a return. With ideal full occupancy (outside of pandemics and crises), a gross return of 3-5% p.a. can be expected. The “levy fee” that is still valid until 08/2023 guarantees that you cover the running costs (including ancillary costs, personnel and marketing costs).

The apartments are particularly suitable for people resident in Switzerland or any part of the country in the world, who want to use the apartments flexibly for a few weeks or months a year and rent them out outside of this period. The apartments are not suitable as a first or second residence. The purchase prices vary between CHF 245,000 and CHF 399,000 depending on their size and location. All apartments make a new impression and are in very good condition.

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