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Austria, Spital am Pyhrn


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For sale is this traditional house with currently 22 rooms over 50 beds, breakfast room, as well as a separate restaurant with a large garden in Spital am Pyhrn in the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel. In addition, the package includes two contiguous and fully level building plots (core area) with a size of 3485m². Plots: The plots are located directly behind the hotel and are suitable for a property development project. The dedication of the building plots is core area. Hotel: There are currently 22 rooms with about 50 beds, which are divided into different room categories with family rooms, double rooms and single rooms. Due to its central location in Spital am Pyhrn along the Pyhrn motorway, there is a broad target group. Both holidaymakers who visit the beautiful Region Pyhrn-Priel with Vogelsang Gorge, Wurzeralm and Co, workers who are employed at the many long-standing motorway construction sites, travelers who are on the Pyhrn motorway towards Croatia and Co, but also business travelers currently appreciate the house as an overnight stay. Due to the optimal size, entire bus trips are always welcome as welcome overnight guests. In addition, a restaurant with about 60 seats has been established in recent years, which is visited by overnight guests as well as day guests and locals. A large and beautifully landscaped garden with another 60 seats invites you to linger in good weather. In the hotel area of the property there is a separate breakfast or dining area. This also offers space for 40 guests and allows a parallel and undisturbed operation of hotel and gastronomy. In addition, it must be mentioned that the house has a very large kitchen, which can also handle a correspondingly large number of guests.

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